Safely Together

A guiding principle and commitment of the Management of HOTEL Z PALACE & CONRESS CENTER and a philosophy shared by all its executives, is to provide our guests with high-quality services that fully meet our contractual obligations, comply with current legislative and regulatory requirements, and at the same time help defend public health and safety.
In this framework, and with the full support of Management, we at HOTEL Z PALACE & CONRESS CENTER have developed and are implementing specific Procedures and Action Plans, which are being continuously reviewed according to the most recent epidemiological data and in keeping with current Health Protocols. In particular:

We have developed an Action Plan comprising preventive measures and specific protocols for each section of our premises, as well as a special Plan for handling potential cases of suspected infection, faithfully adhering to the corresponding plan of the Hellenic National Public Health Organization (EODY).
We have appointed the Head Coordinator and individual Department Heads to administer the above plans.
We have partnered with an experienced physician who operates based on EODY guidelines.
We operate according to the certification from hellenic chamber of hotels “Health First”.
We have put together a training program on observing health protocols for our entire staff.
We provide all the necessary resources, both human and material, to ensure the smooth, unhindered, and effective implementation of health and safety protocols.
We have revised and intensified all implemented Cleaning and Disinfection Protocols, based on updated risk assessments for each department.
We ensure a technologically suitable and safe work environment for the company’s staff, satisfying the requirements of current legislation.
We make certain that every member of our staff complies strictly with all health rules and basic protective measures against COVID-19.

Our goal, through all of the above, is to safeguard the health of our guests, and to reaffirm that our initiatives guarantee a unique hospitality experience at HOTEL Z PALACE & CONRESS CENTER.